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Oracle Bugs and Life!!I I'm amused to see.

Its been 2 months!!! Much has since in life and seems life will never be same again. oh.. and Im back again to Post but little.

Although once I did it already I faced issueses again in installation of Oracle (bit) version on RHEL 5.2 (64 bit ) and it took again few more hours to delay installation. But caused more panicked than before.

Issue was same again that Oracle Universal Installer was still requiring 32 bit libraries to start with. That is known bug but Oracle Documents is missing this point even in lates version of docs.

RPMS default installation includes those libraries but system administrator did not do default RPMSs installation rather he customized and so dependency call of 32 library was unresolved.

One another day I was awaked in middle of night by call: error was 4031 but that was not so simple so obvious here culprit was new bug in 10g ERROR 4031 was misleading.
Oh what the life has become !!!

And more: one day when I stayed home to take care of some my dear one at same time I had to monitor DB from home. But much more than this some important query used Graphical User Interface hanged and major work suffered. Many users sat idle!! They had no option but to call me to fix Oh what a life has become!! while I did not have remote access to that Prod DB I asked Junior DBA to send me execution Plan and I guessed query can be fixed to get the same old execution plan by setting hidden parameters!! Parameter turned off using B+ indices as Bitmap Index and it worked!! oh what a life is!!! It simply rocked. Ah but what a life has become. But I'm amused to think what I did and I did it my way!!!

adieu !! till Im back

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