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Basic questions to understand Oracle 10g RAC

My Friend and old Pupil Jamshed went through couple of interview questions in RAC in Interviews. To help guys like him here I thought of  more possible questions compiled by me on Oracle 10g RAC to hackle your mind for good. It is not Boggling. It will help you better understand the concept of RAC basics(except GCS and GES role)

1. what is node eviction(gud to start with simple question)
2. what is split brain
3. who do your client connect to VIP or public IP? or is it your choice!
4. how can you change VIP
5. can private IP be changed.
6. what does do when you install 10g RAC.
7. how is virtual IP configured,what is done behind the VIP configuration assistant.
--some simple questions
8. what is client balancing and server side balancing.
9. how does listener handles requests in RAC
10. Have you ever set TAF. If yes ,expalin how does fail over happens
11. how can cache fusion improve or degreade performance.
12. Have you ever faced any performance issue due RAC
13. what is the background process for cache fusion. Does it have anything to do with log writer process.
14. will you increase parallelism if you have RAC, to gain inter instance parallelism. what are the considerations to decide.
15. what is single point of failure in RAC
16. how do you backup voting disk and how do you recover.
17. what information is stored in OCR, what if you loose it. How can you recover it.
18. how many voting disks and OCRs you can have. Why voting disks can be in odd numbers only.
19. A query running fast on one node is very slow on other node. All the nodes have same configurations. What could be the reasons.
20. Does RMAN behave differently in RAC?
21. Can archive logs be placed on ASM disk. what about on RAW.
22. have you ever used OCFS, can you place OCR and voting disks on OCFS.

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