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A note to the orthodox DBA

DBA communities took statspack and AWR very warmly but as it happens usually there are many features, ignored to name few:

1. SQL Monitoring
2. AWR Baseline and AWR Comparison report
3. Real Application test
4. Incident management
5. ASH still ignored by lot of people
6. Query to AWR hist tables are not used.
7. SQL Advisory on SQL Tuning Set
8. Stored Outlines (released long back)
10. Gathering Plan with Statistics Hint
11. Stored Execution plan in AWR (certainly not v$SQLPLAN)
12. ORION for I/O calibration before DB setup or Oracle Calibration package in 11g post DB creation.
13. UTL_MAIL  to send email from Oracle Database

Similarly there have been many features which we accept without bothering its impact , to name few :
-Automatic Shared Memory Management
-Automatic Memory Management

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